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A new music player will be in town soon! It’s called My’Sound, by r4ph43l

It seems to have a similar interface as the new media gallery menu on PSPs and new SonyEricsson phones.

the player aims to remove the boring interface on the default music player on S60 and it also introduces a few new features that are useful for the user. Some of the more obvious new features are Shake Me(utilises built in accelerator), Sleep mode,  and Mood me. 

The aim for this player is so that users can browse the music library in a more graphical way… with icons and less text. It also alllows the user to browse through the music collecition via the album art view.

Users can change the theme and some settings to customize the player so it works the way you like it.

It’s still in beta version so for now we can only watch the video demo.

Source: SymbianFreak

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October 22nd, 2008


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