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I helped my mum to get herself a 5800 2 days ago and she let me use it for a few days to test and to help her set up the phone (so that she doesnt need to go thru the hassle)

Well after 2 days of using the 5800 XPM, I have to say that I love and hate it at the same time.


- The high resolution screen: It’s one of the best screens I’ve seen so far for video playback and I have been watching my movies and podcasts with it whenever I have the time.
- The haptic feedback: The little vibration never fails. I feel it everytime I press a key on the screen… now touching the buttons or typing on the keyboard does not feel like touching dead glass anymore.
- The keyguard switch: I just love to lock and unlock the phone now as the switch is placed at the spot where my thumb is and it’s super convenient unlike my N96, the keylock switch is at the top of the phone.
- The media bar: It’s the shortcut to all my media! Photos, videos, music, web, share online… Thanks Nokia for adding this feature.. hehe.


- Video recording: I have never seen a DVD-like video recording as grainy/noisy as this one! Seriously.. The videos will only look good if they are recorded under bright sunlight.. and bright sunlight only…. anything other than that you will notice graininiess in the video.
- Mark several: Do you know that in order to mark several photos/contacts in the gallery you have to go thru this? > (options > mark/mark all > mark > click on a photo > go back to options > mark/mark all > mark > click on another photo… ok I think you know what I mean by now)

More soon! :D

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NaddieNo Gravatar

January 2nd, 2009

And how come your mom got it so early?
With a Bluetooth headset?
I’m counting the days to 9th January.
RM1499, sweet.

smashpOpNo Gravatar Reply:

@Naddie, its already out.. the original set.. avaxx n zitron… bought it for 1380… the bh 503 is mine…

NaddieNo Gravatar Reply:

@smashpOp, RM1380? Wow. At a Nokia store?
Or Avaxx/Zitron dealer?

By the way, I’ve seen some phone dealers selling it at RM1990.
It’s an original phone from Nokia.
But it’s from Hong Kong.
I guess that they’re trying to manipulate the price.
Like what they’re currently doing with the iPhone.

And the headphones are gorgeous.
How much are those?

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@Naddie, rm399

EmperorNo Gravatar

January 2nd, 2009

There’s a bloody good review on Tube @ Symbian Freak. Check it out. It was extensive!

Your friend is giving you a good deal @ 1380. RRP is 1499 as mentioned by Nokia.

Let me know how the material fairs after several months! See if the plastic around the screen fades or easily scratches or not.

January 3rd, 2009

[...] SmashP0p – Music Express 5800 for Mom, love and hate it. [...]

DerekNo Gravatar

January 3rd, 2009

it’s a cool phone..just tried it in a hp shop just now..persuading my mom to

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@Derek, faster buy! 1300 also can get now

January 4th, 2009

How much the Bluetooth headset BH-503 now?

That red BH-503 look great with red 5800xm.My phone is blue one..any suggestion headset??

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@yonz, its rm399

jhoraviNo Gravatar

January 4th, 2009

Please show us some videorecording sample to have an idea how bad it really is.
And camera indoor shots too. Outdoor samples make no sense because all kinds of camera can handle it.


smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@jhoravi, just did. check out my latest post

SeaedgeNo Gravatar

January 7th, 2009

haha. i kesian and in teh same time jealus of you owning 5800 then.. :P

and yeah.. RM1299 for AP set already.. :sweat:

DalphinuSNo Gravatar

January 11th, 2009

Yo guys…
1st time user here.
I’m getting a 5800 today (supposed last night but gosh they run out of stocks).
Best pricing in Bukit Jambul Complex:
AP: RM1280
ORI: RM1320

By the way, here to share another great phone with much expensive category…
THC HD (RM3399)
3.8″ ultra large display (FYI, iPhone is 3.5″)


February 16th, 2009

Subject: Mark several

For this use The Pencil app…


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