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The most popular native Symbian Twitter client, Gravity has been receiving a lot of updates since it first launched back in March.

Through these few months, features added were profile viewing, twitpic previewing, instapaper support, mobipicture support, fullscreen option and many more.

The latest version of Gravity, v1.20 build 5570 was released few days ago and it adds large fonts options so that you dont have to squint your eyes reading twit updates from your friends. Other updates that come with this update: more stable API proxy, preview of flickrm yfrog and

Here’s a screenshot of the timeline with large fonts (and white theme for improved readability)

Get Gravity for your Symbian phones now (if you are still using web or any other twitter apps) at now!

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July 15th, 2009

I have one of the most wanted for this apps..come to my blog and you will get the full version…enjoy..

ielarabiNo Gravatar

May 23rd, 2010

Hi ineed it >> thank you

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