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We got the chance to have a short discussion about OVI and the whole idea about the newly launched services with them on the 2nd day of Nokia Showcase 08.

From the discussion, we got a clearer view of a few things on OVI.

- Nokia is venturing into offering services in 2008.
- Most of us are involved in communities nowadays and these revolves around imaging, communites and messaging.
- That is why Nokia launched Share on OVI as a step to integrate all the things we need in one single hub.
- Instead of uploading photos to Flickr, videos to Youtube and making friends in some other community site, why not just do it all in one place?

- I raised a question on what is the real definition of OVI, since is just a part of it. What else is coming? Gautam’s reply was “Think of OVI as a mall… with lots of shops in it providing different services to users. Share on OVI is just one of the shops. There are more to come”

Chris showing us how to upload an image taken using the camera to

With Share on Ovi, users can now upload and share media files with anyone with just simple clicks from your mobile phone, web or PC. Share on OVI supports document files too. In fact, it supports up to more than 100 types of file formats, according to Chris.

The discussion then ended and we proceeded to another meeting room for another session of interview.

Next up: What’s the buzz with Ngage?

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