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Hohohoho look what I’ve found…

Tankzors is a greatest mobile java-game based on the widely known NES game Battle City — now is on your mobile phone! New excellent graphics, thought over interesting and considered game play, perfect musical accompaniment! Besides, for every crushed enemy you receive coins with the help of which you can upgrade your tank and set up 35 various types of weapons in the workshop: shells, mines, dynamites, plasma, artillery, missiles, armor-plating, radars etc.

Also you can order an air bombardment or help of the allied tanks. The missions extend on the various battle area — desert, sands, enemy base and the grass. The different 40 mission levels from “kill the enemy” till “capture the flag” are waiting for you. The game is very interesting, dynamic and really carries along download it for free right now, especially, that you’ll get full access to first five mission levels absolutely for free!

Tankzors is a tactical-economical arcade-strategy-shooter:
—  based on the universally known NES hit game Battle City;
—  40 various missions (kill the enemy, defend your base, etc.);
—  35 types of various weapons (from shells to air bombing);
—  considered elements of strategy;
—  quality music accompaniment;
—  outstanding game play;
—  excellent graphics;
—  great atmosphere!

Every next mission will become harder and harder, enemies will grow stronger and smarter, enemy radars and cannons will appear making it more difficult to complete your mission. We recommend you to take advantage of hints between levels and bonuses located in the game field — they will help you to defeat your enemy.

This game is compatible with almost every phone that supports Java. Give it a try!


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Photo above is not real ok… ahah just did it to support this post.

Anyway… Jaakko Kaidesoja, head of Nokia’s gaming operations told Reuters in an interview that Nokia is working on a touchscreen support for N-gage and will roll out the optimized N-gage client early next year.

Other than that, he also said that the firm will take 1 month to consider whether or not to expand N-gage to the Nokia N73 since it has limited computing power… but if it works out, N-gage will be able to cover more of the user base since Nokia has sold 20 million of it, making it the world’s most sold smartphone.


Now that we are done with that…. let me ask you a question.

“Are you an N-gage player yet?

If not, go and create a player name, install the N-gage client and get yourselves some games to play!

While you are at it, add me too.. my player name is “smashpop”…. currently playing Reset Generation and ONE.

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Continuing from my previous post, this would be my opinion and thoughts on the gameplay of Star Wars.

The main character in this game, (that guy that you are controlling) moves by himself. All we need to do is to defend him and also make him fight. Haha.. sounds easy.. but its actually not.

The game uses a so called new technology for players to interact with the character in it called Cellweaver.

Cellweaver basically means users perform different keypresses in order for the game character to perform different tricks. The keypresses revolves in the 9 grid positions, up, down, left, right, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right and center. This can be achived by either using the keypad, or the navigation pad.

In this game, you play the apprentice for Darth Vader and your mission is to kill the remaining jedis and in the end… erm……… yea that’s for you to find out. ahaahha

The game moves from one scene to another and in each scene you will encounter different foes that requires different attack force to defeat them…

Some of the attack forces are Grip, Push, Pull and Lightning. You will also eventually learn some defence forces like Heal, Protect and Speed.

It’s a very very addictive game and I can guarantee that once you start playing this game, you will never feel like stopping.. (unless your phone runs out of battery.. lol)

Here’s a video to show you how exiciting the game is… also listen to music and sound effect yea.

Gameplay rating: 8/10

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Hi all, I have been filling up my free time with a lot of light saber action these few days and I have finally completed the new Star Wars game on the N-gage. Woot!

Ok let me tell you about the interface and graphics in today’s post.

The menu has a few layers… starting off with Play, Journal, Ranking, Help, Options, N-gage, About and Exit. Each option branches to sublayers and that again, branch to another sub sub layer.

Moving from one option to another is super fast and doesnt lag at all.(A lot of games do… probably cos this is specially made for N-gage)

Oh one thing I like about this game is that one can set the volume by pressing the volume buttons on the side of the phone.. (again.. 90% of the games out there dont allow tihs)

The graphics is superb… seriously, I have never played a game on a mobile phone with such good quality graphics.. can you see how real it is? the last photo looks just like a scene from Star Wars movie…

The sound effect is superb… every action is matched with a sound with totally no lag at all… the swoosh created by the light saber, the background music, and the explosion sounds… made it feel more like a movie than a game…

Graphics & audio wise, I rate it 9.5/10.

Next post: Gameplay!

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Have you got N-gage installed in your symbian phones?

If not, then I think you better download and install the N-gage app now… Cos a new game has just been released and it’s one game you should not miss.

It’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

I am currenly in the midst of playing/reviewing this game and will be posting up my thoughts along with some photos very very soon (after i’ve saved Princess Leia… haha)

For now, watch the trailer… and see what kinda graphics you’ll get if you play the game on your N-gage enabled phones.

Check out the official site too.

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Firemint has come out with a new game. It’s called Firemint Real Racing.

What so great about this game?

Well, it uses the accelerometer to control the car and when u tilt it left and right, the interface will always be straight so you dont have to turn ur head.

Don’t know what I mean? Watch this superb demo.

The most exciting HD racing experience on mobile

* Ultra realistic HD graphics
* Multi channel surround sound
* Realistic dynamics with natural accelerometer control

A truly competitive experience with “just one more go” gameplay

* Head to head multiplayer via WiFi or OTA
* Track your friends’ performance using Real Racing’s Facebook and OpenSocial applications

Relish your achievements

* Publish your best laps to YouTube with the press of a button
* Mash up and publish your results with web tools from Real Racing’s user portal

Somehow this game is still in development. So there’s nothing much we can do but to wait for it’s release. :D


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I attended a dinner-discussion kinda thing about the new Nokia N-gage last night.

Keith Liu, the head of Games and Internet Experiences in Asia Pacific was there to brief us on what’s new and what’s great about the gaming platform.

He even showed us some future N-gage games like Brothers in Arms, Reset Generation and Crash Bandicoot… not forgetting the one which was just launched hours before the dinner, Snakes Subsonic.

We then got to try out the new games on the N95 8gb, N81, N78 and the great N96.

Here are 2 videos of me trying out the games.

Brothers in Arms

Dirk Digger.

If you are using N95, N95 8gb, N82, N81, N81 8gb, head on to to download the latest N-gage application and then download the games, and then add me in your friends list so we can BATTLE! lol

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