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The amazing Anna Alfut from UK has came up with a calendar design for desktop which you can use in the month of September.

The design comprises of Symbian new colour theme, white, grey, black and yellow and features some funny robots as seen on Symbian World website.

Do click on these links to download the appropriate wallpaper size for your desktop.

(Right click, save link as)

What do you think of this calendar? Would you love more of these kinda media downloads from SymbianWorld?


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Categories: downloads

Have you seen the latest Star Trek movie? If you have, I am sure you noticed the Nokia touchscreen device used by young James T. Kirk in the car at the beginning of the movie.


The ringtone played before Kirk answered the call is called the “Star Trek Nokia Futurize” tone. Check out this video if you have forgotten about this scene/have not seen Star Trek.

Nokia has actually put up some wallpapers, video clips and also the ringtone used in the movie on and you can access to these goodies using your phone browser.

These contents are actually location dependant, therefore some countries might not be able to get them. If you want the tones, you can click on the button below and download the ZIP file that consist the futurize and dematerialise tone from Star Trek.

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