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Shazam has recently announced that it’s popular music tagging mobile app is now free to download from the OVI Store. This is to celebrate the release of Nokia N97 in the market.

This promotion is only valid until 30th November 2009 so you better go get your copy from the OVI Store as soon as you can! hehee. (Shazam is one of my favourite app on the N97 by the way).

So how does Shazam work? Simple. Hear a music you like playing on radio and wanna know what song is that?

Launch Shazam.
Connect to the Internet via 3G or wifi.
Click on “tag now”.
Place the phone near the speaker.

After Shazam listens to the song, it will try to match it with the database online and present you with the closest match. As you can see from screenshots, left: listening screen, right: result screen.

Get Shazam now!

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The N-gage application is finally made available to the N97 worldwide. Previously it was just for certain regions. Of course, someone posted the N-gage app online and I tried installing it and it worked BUT I could not connect to the arena probably it was because of the region difference.

All those were history, as the N-gage app can now be downloaded from the official site itself! (and yes, we can go connect to the arena with this version[v1.30 built 1541]).

No games came preinstalled with app so we have to do it by ourselves. As you can see in the screenshot above, I was in the midst of installing Spore and some other games. To get games, just download them from the games page on the site or the showroom tab in the N-gage application itself.

Once installed, all the games will be listed in the games tab and you can access to any of them with just a simple tap. You can also view your account details and game history too.

In order to submit your scores, chat with your friends and view new games, you have to connect to the Internet and it can be done by just accessing the options menu.

Watch this video as I briefly talk about the app and some games.

Get N-gage for your N97 here!

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There has been quite a lot of new apps for download in Ovi Store and I was browsing it last night, this comic caught my attention.

It’s called “ATOMIC DREAMS: The Lost Journal of J.Robert Oppenheimer”

This comic was produced by Carnival Comics and they announced that this is the first mobile comic app for Nokia phones and it was available for download since 21st July 09 through OVI Store.

Some screenshots of the mobile comic. It has a total of 7 chapters and the one available for download is chapter 1.

Do visit OVI Store and download this app for your S60 touch devices now!

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Yay to another widget to add to the collection.

Russell Beattie has created a very simple search widget for N97 and 5800, called Q Search. Q is short for Quick. So basically you know roughly what this widget does. To provide quick search.

Russell also added the ability to the widget to be added to the N97 homescreen. According to him, this widget only took him about a couple of hours of work and it only has 30 lines of code. Wow.

Once the widget is launched, you will see a javascript pop up that let’s you enter your search query. Adding a letter and a space before the search text lets the widget know where you want to search from. G = Google, W = Wikipedia, V = Video(Youtube), I = Images(Google), T = Twitter and D = Definr Dictionary.

Press OK after typing the search text will open the browser. Here’s a sample of the result after i searched for “G Symbianpop”. (Search Google for ‘Symbianpop’)

Download Q Search Widget here.

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Google added a new feature to it’s maps application yesterday. It’s called ‘layers’.

Imagine stacking a few layers of transparent sheets on your map, each displaying different information.

You can activate the layers by clicking on options > layers. It will bring out a menu that lets you select which layer to activate, wikipedia, traffic, transit lines or my maps. Currently traffic and transit lines are not available in Malaysia yet so we can only add the Wikipedia layer.

Tapping on the Wikipedia icons brings up an extract of Wiki article about the particular location or landmark. There isĀ  also a link the original article on the website.

To download Google Maps v3.2, click here.

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Moubail has brought us some widget games like Match’em and Checkers.

This time around they brought us DeviceInfo widget! (Made for Nokia 5800 XPM and N97)

It’s a free widget that basically tells us things running in our phones that we usually do not see from the phone interface.

The widget now has an updated version and it supports features as stated in the image above.

Other features include displaying

  • IMEI code
  • WLAN Mac Address
  • Phone model
  • Firmware version
  • Manufacturer
  • Product type
  • Bluetooth status
  • Vibration status
  • Autolock status
  • Autolock timeout
  • Screensaver timeout

Here are 2 screenshots I grabbed from the DeviceInfo interface I was using on my N97. Take a look at how extensive the report is. Best thing about this, the info displayed are LIVE! You can see the numbers changing and graphs animating according to the phone’s background processes.

Download DeviceInfo from Moubail now!

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Nokia has just added some new updates for the Nokia N97 and we can get them using the SW update app in Menu > Apps.

As reported by many sites, the updates that we should get are:

# Maps 3.1.
# N97 C: Phone memory update.
# N-Gage application 1.3.
# Nokia Messaging 10.0.
# Ovi Contacts 1.2.

As I was trying to get these updates, I saw this:

Nokia Messaging and N97 c: Phone memory update.


I then tried to download the application from N-gage website but they are still hosting the 1.2x version. What a dissapointment.

N97 C: Phone memory update
Its an application to free space on the internal memory of the N97 (C: drive), optimising it for more user memory available for possible SW installation on this drive’.

Anyways, for those of you who are using N97, go get the updates now!

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The most popular native Symbian Twitter client, Gravity has been receiving a lot of updates since it first launched back in March.

Through these few months, features added were profile viewing, twitpic previewing, instapaper support, mobipicture support, fullscreen option and many more.

The latest version of Gravity, v1.20 build 5570 was released few days ago and it adds large fonts options so that you dont have to squint your eyes reading twit updates from your friends. Other updates that come with this update: more stable API proxy, preview of flickrm yfrog and

Here’s a screenshot of the timeline with large fonts (and white theme for improved readability)

Get Gravity for your Symbian phones now (if you are still using web or any other twitter apps) at now!

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One of the more recent addition to the Ovi Store is the Bing widget.

Bing is a new search engine by Microsoft. It has similar features to Google like Web search, image search, video search, news search etc.

The widget, which is now available for FREE download on OVI Store is compatible with S60v3 & S60v5 devices. You can get it by pointing your PC or phone browser to

Here’s a screenshot of the Bing widget on Nokia N96. As you can see, search results are categorised in tabs.

The widget looks and works the same on the touch version of S60 devices like 5800 & N97.

Get the Bing widget for your phone now!

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I was browsing through Ovi Store last night to see if there are anything worth downloading and I found Vtap.

It claims to be the one app that finds all sorts of videos from various sources like Myspace, NYTimes, Youtube, TED, Megavideo, Gametrailers and etc and organise them so that your can watch any videos from your phone itself.

I have tried it before this, on the 5800… it was working well and now I am installing it on the N97. Since youtube does not have a proper native s60 app, this might actually be a good alternative.

Upon launching the app, it will try to load the list of recently featured videos by vtap and list them on the main screen. We can actually set for it to show videos of different quality; low, medium and high. It works on Wifi connection too.

The search results will appear as we type our query and finally they will be shortlisted to match your keyword. Simply tap on each result for detials on the particular video and options to share/tag/favourite them. Clicking play will load the video and we can view it fullscreen by just clicking on the expand button.

Vtap works with most phones that supports video streaming. One can also use vtap to watch videos by just going to the mobile site at

If you have an S60 phone, you can download the app here.

Try it and share your opinions by leaving a comment or joining the community (blue bar at the bottom).

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Hour Power, the app that tells time is now compatible with the s60v5 devices.

It’s a simple app that utilises the built in text-to-speech engine to tell time.

When you open the app for the first time, you will get to choose the time mode, 12h or 24h clock.

How does it work? Just press on the app shortcut to hear the time. Exactly what you need when waking up and unable to focus on an alarm clock display. English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese language are currently supported. It’s recommended to place the app shortcut on the homescreen for easy access.


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Woot! 5 lucky readers will get a license each for the MyPhone app!

What’s MyPhone? Read my previous post about it.

Now do you want one for yourself? If yes… read on. lol (Open to all S60 users… E71, N95, N85, 5800 etc etc etc)

To get yourself 1 of the 5 licenses, send me an email NOW with the following content:

Email title/subject: I want MyPhone for my phone!

Name: ________
Where are you from: ________
Phone model: ________

What is MyPhone?

The fastest 5 to submit the email to me at smashpop [at] gmail [dot] com with the exact email format will get a license each.

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How many of you here hope to have the iPhone interface experience on your Symbian devices? Yes? Yes?

How many of you want the “slide to unlock” feature on your S60 phones(especially touchscreen devices like 5800, N97 n OmniaHD)?

Well, now you can, with MyPhone.

Check out my iPho… I mean.. my Nokia N97.

MyPhone only works on S60 OS and it turns your Series 60 phones interface into an ‘i’Phone UI. You can have a smart phone enhanced with TWO user interfaces! Once installed, the first thing you see is the slide to unlock screen. Trust me.. the sliding does work… haha..

The menu will present you with iPhone like icons that gives you access to various features on your phone. You can actually customize it to show 3(or 4) icons in each row in the menu.

They guys at MMMOOO have also added some customized interface and apps in the software like the call screen, RSS reader and the sketch pad.

After using it for a few days, I think MyPhone works very well and also very stable. The sliding menu animation is very smooth… (although there might not be any flicking interface yet).. and I like the fact that we can have the 4th screen all for ourselves… which mean we can fully customize each and every icons on that screen to link to any apps we want.

Check out the video below.

Interested? SymbianpOp will be giving out 5 MyPhone licenses on 26 June 2009 for 5 lucky readers… remember to check out SymbianpOp to get yourself a full version of the MyPhone app!)

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As we all know, the facebook app was recently released for the S60v5 platform and it comes pre-installed on the Nokia N97.

5800 XPM users may have to download it from the OVI store, its free!

Remember my post about trying out the facebook app on my 5800? Now here’s a preview of the app on the Nokia N97.

Check out the video below.

I personally love the facebook integration with the phone calendar. When we click on “attend event” in FB, the event will be inserted as an entry in the phone calendar. Cool!

What do you think?

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The one app that S60v5 users have been waiting for is now available for free download on OVI Store! The facebook app is a native s60 app that can be installed on 5800 and N97 as it is optimized for touchscreens.

This facebook app has big buttons and very clean layout, very much like the website. I am sure we do not need stylus for this interface. heh.

Here are some screen shots taken of the app on my 5800 XPM.

As you can see, that’s the login screen and once connected, it will bring up the news feed screen. Notifications like messages, pokes and friend requests are on top and at the bottom of the screen are buttons to your own profile, friends list, photos and inbox. Clicking on the green “+” sign will allow you to leave comments on the items selected.

Photos can be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. We can move around the gallery by clicking on the arrows and the Tags button will toggle the name tags on the photos on/off.

Screen on the left is how my own profile looks like and the one on the right shows the comment screen when you comment on a photo.

Wanna get Facebook on your 5800.. or *cough*…N97? Check out OVI Store now!

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Hello boys and girls.. today let us have a look at the top 10 apps that are frequently used on my Nokia 5800XPM.

No.10: PhoneTorch

Turns your 5800 into a torchlight! It utilises the LED light at the back of the camera and you can choose to produce morse codes or simple to change light colour.

No.9: Qik

Qik lets you stream live from your phone camera to the web so people from elsewhere can watch and they are also able to chat with you… conversations will appear on your phone screen and you simply reply them by talking.

No.8: Slick

Slick is an all in one messenger app that lets you chat with your friends via MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk etc. I like how the interface blurs out when there’s a popup. You can also hide the app and a tiny marquee will appear when you receive new messages.

No.7: WeatherBug

A widget that displays weather for current day and 7 days ahead… it uses your GPS location so the information is more precise. I like the animation screen of the wind change on the earth.

No.6: Photo Browser

A beta app released by Nokia Betalabs… it lets you view photos in stunning 3D scrolling effect.. similar to Piclens/Cooliris add on on Firefox. I like the face zooming feature where it zooms to each face on the photo when you swipe the photo.

No.5: Talkanaut

Another multi IM messenger.. but this one is very stable and I like how it loads avatars and the clean tabbed interface.

No.4: Google Maps

Google Maps as we know it… loads maps and let us route to places we want to go…. now with Latitude feature built in, we can instantly see where all our friends are. Nice… but it needs data connection in order to load maps and latitude lists.

No.3: Snaptu

Snaptu is an app that integrates many Internet services and social networks in one so that we can have access to all of them in just an app. Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, BBC news, Google iCal are just some of the services in Snaptu. Really love using it to check RSS feeds.

No.2: Garmin

Best mapping app in the world!!!!!! Voice guidance, turn by turn routing… uses maps that has landmarks updated by users itself… the power of the Garmin community is superb. Not free though… but erm.. heh :)

No.1: Gravity

The one app that I use everyday every minute everywhere… Gravity.. the native S60 app for Twitter. Love the kinetic scrolling, able to save a lot of twitter searches, built in photo uploading feature direct to mobypicture, twitpic, posterous etc… frequent updates… fantastic interface…. hmm so yea.. I LOVE this app. haha

That’s all.. my top 10 favourite 5800 apps. Any comments or questions, do leave them here. :D

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Realise the lack of a countdown timer on the Nokia 5800? Well we have one now! Thanks to Sheludkov for coming out with this app for S60v5 devices.

Besides counting down, you can count up too. Users can freely set the inital value of the timer and start counting from there. Very nice interface I’d say. Want one?

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Nimbuzz has just launched it’s Nimbuzz client for the S60v5 platform yesterday! Basically it’s a mobile messenger/voip app that lets you chat with your friends on every major IM services like MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, Skype and more.

I’ve actually tried it on my 5800 and here are some screenshots I grabbed.

You can see here I have activated Gtalk and MSN and you can set it to sort your contacts via community. The 3 big buttons at the bottom allows you to call(if available), chat and send files to the selected contact. You can send smileys when you are in a conversation with someone. Group chat is possible too.

To send files or photo, just select the contact and press the 3rd button. You will get the option to send a new photo, or select a file. It also give you option to view the profile of the selected contact. File transfers are all separated into another tab.

One of the settings screens lets you choose which community to log in to, like MSN, Skype, Jabber, Twitter… or you can log in to all at once! Profile settings lets you choose a display photo for yourself, edit personal message, display name and status.

Check out this video of Nimbuzz on 5800!

Get Nimbuzz now for free. Click here.

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I got to play with the Nokia N97 at the recent Nokia Developer Summit 09 at Monaco and I’d like to say thanks to WenDee and Julien Fourgeaud for giving a very detailed runthough of the device.

Here’s my simple review of it.. after playing for 15 minutes. Heh.

The N97 that I got to play with was the black variant. I personally prefer the white one. Well, the body was very solid as there were no creaks when squeezed. The green and red touch buttons were very responsive while giving haptic feedback when pressed.

One thing that disturbed me was the tilt screen. The angle of the tilt was too steep that I had to bend my hands down a little in order for the screen to face me directly. This also means that I cannot get a clear view of the keyboard since it has been tilted down. Hope you know what I mean.

As the N97 I played was still a pre-production set, the backlight of the full qwerty keyboard was not working but everything else was OK. The speaker was as loud as the 5800. It’s a fingerprint magnet but I am sure it will not be that obvious on the white one.

Check out the video below.

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Ever wished you can have an app on your mobile phone that gives you access to Facebook, Twitter, Google iCal, RSS reader, movie reviews, dictionary and many more for FREE?

Now you can! Haha… I was introduced to Snaptu yesterday and realized that they actually have a mobile app(for all sorts of phones) that gives you exactly the integration mentioned above!

I have tested in on both my N96 and 5800XPM and they both work perfectly!

Let’s have a look at Snaptu on the N96. Upon entering into Snaptu menu, you have to allow it to access the Internet to retrieve all the services. (better subscribe to an unlimited data plan for this!)

Once connected, some default widgets will be displayed and you can remove them and also add new ones from the catalog as you like.

Logging into facebook gives you access to all the status updates and your message inbox. Clicking on a status update brings you to the profile page of the friend you selected. From there you can view their photos, profile and etc. Check out the video below to know more.

Snaptu loads very well on the 5800 too! After installing, make sure you go to Settings > applications > installed apps > Snaptu > options > Suite settings and select onscreen keyboard OFF. This will allow the app to be displayed in fullscreen mode.

In these screenshots you can see the RSS widget, Twitter and also the Movie widget called MyMovies.

Watch the video below to see the smooth menu animations and also to witness how well Snaptu gives you access to Internet services.

Visit Snaptu now and download the FREE application for you mobile!

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