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The N-gage application is finally made available to the N97 worldwide. Previously it was just for certain regions. Of course, someone posted the N-gage app online and I tried installing it and it worked BUT I could not connect to the arena probably it was because of the region difference.

All those were history, as the N-gage app can now be downloaded from the official site itself! (and yes, we can go connect to the arena with this version[v1.30 built 1541]).

No games came preinstalled with app so we have to do it by ourselves. As you can see in the screenshot above, I was in the midst of installing Spore and some other games. To get games, just download them from the games page on the site or the showroom tab in the N-gage application itself.

Once installed, all the games will be listed in the games tab and you can access to any of them with just a simple tap. You can also view your account details and game history too.

In order to submit your scores, chat with your friends and view new games, you have to connect to the Internet and it can be done by just accessing the options menu.

Watch this video as I briefly talk about the app and some games.

Get N-gage for your N97 here!

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A new music player will be in town soon! It’s called My’Sound, by r4ph43l

It seems to have a similar interface as the new media gallery menu on PSPs and new SonyEricsson phones.

the player aims to remove the boring interface on the default music player on S60 and it also introduces a few new features that are useful for the user. Some of the more obvious new features are Shake Me(utilises built in accelerator), Sleep mode,  and Mood me. 

The aim for this player is so that users can browse the music library in a more graphical way… with icons and less text. It also alllows the user to browse through the music collecition via the album art view.

Users can change the theme and some settings to customize the player so it works the way you like it.

It’s still in beta version so for now we can only watch the video demo.

Source: SymbianFreak

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Firemint has come out with a new game. It’s called Firemint Real Racing.

What so great about this game?

Well, it uses the accelerometer to control the car and when u tilt it left and right, the interface will always be straight so you dont have to turn ur head.

Don’t know what I mean? Watch this superb demo.

The most exciting HD racing experience on mobile

* Ultra realistic HD graphics
* Multi channel surround sound
* Realistic dynamics with natural accelerometer control

A truly competitive experience with “just one more go” gameplay

* Head to head multiplayer via WiFi or OTA
* Track your friends’ performance using Real Racing’s Facebook and OpenSocial applications

Relish your achievements

* Publish your best laps to YouTube with the press of a button
* Mash up and publish your results with web tools from Real Racing’s user portal

Somehow this game is still in development. So there’s nothing much we can do but to wait for it’s release. :D


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