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I’ve been trying out Buddycloud for a few days now and I think it is a very very good app.

It allows you to update your friends on what you are currently doing (kinda like Twitter) but better!

Buddycloud adds context to the places you visit in the real world and makes it fun and easy to share these on sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can bookmark and tag locations that mean something to you. For eample: Home, The Pub, Joe’s House and Favourite Coffee Shop.

It tell’s your friends where you went, where you are now, and where you are going next! (That’s of course if you allow your location to be updated in your status.)

As you move around, Buddycloud automatically places you back at previously saved bookmarks, and updates your Buddycloud friends, Facebook and Twitter. It also shows you other people and places nearby. Short status messages can also be pushed into twitter.

Buddycloud is also about knowing where you were in the past and future. A simple future location can also be set. A simple example:

  • Status message: Wow, that was a long week. Anyone up for a pint? (also pushed to Twitter and Facebook)
  • Previous place: Work
  • Current place: On the road in Southwark
  • Next place: The Anchor Pub

One thing I really like about this application is that it constantly updates the list of people nearest to me so I can make friends with other Buddycloud users in the same city, town, state and even country! (See how it tells me the distance between me and another user in Muar, Malaysia.)

Buddycloud is slightly different to other friend-finder type services. It uses multiple location sources. Cell Towers, WiFi, GPS and bluethooth can be used in combination. This means that it works well indoors where GPS based solutions fail. It also incorporates group chats so that you can chat with other people in the area.

I clicked on the 4th tab and I see lists of groups that I can join in the conversation… with this feature, I can chat with anyone anytime anywhere! (make sure you have unlimited data plan so you wont get charged a bomb by your telco)

Here’s a screenshot of one ofthe groups I was chatting in.

Buddycloud is not only for Nokia 5800, it is also supported by all Nokia Nseries and other Symbian phones like N96, N73, N95, 6210, and even Samsung Innov8!

Get Buddycloud now!… don’t forget to add me! My ID is “smashpOp”… or if you are in Malaysia, just click on the “friends nearby” tab and you will see my name there.

Go download it now!

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JyNo Gravatar

February 3rd, 2009

does this apps cost any $$$? izit consume battery?

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@Jy, well if you connect via wifi then its free… but if you are on the move, then you will have to connect to 3g or gprs… which costs money.

February 3rd, 2009

I also want to know if it costs anything as i couldnt get this clarification from reading the faq of the app.

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@dani2xll, the app is free. connecting to the server is free if u do it via wifi.

as i mentioned, if you want to connect using 3g or gprs, then you better have an unlimited data plan or else it will cost you a lot

February 3rd, 2009

need to get a phone with wifi, else bankrupt arr

smashpopNo Gravatar Reply:

@annna, thats right.

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